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KBWM's Kerry Jackson is working with local industry and municipalities to test WaterOxyChem, a solution that will save hundreds and thousands of dollars in water treatment costs.

Kerry Jackson of KBWM and his WaterOxyChem™ solution will be joining The Hamilton Mill and working with local and regional partners to address water treatment processes. WaterOxyChem™ (WOC) is a revolutionary patented product that has the potential to reduce wastewater management operating budgets by cutting energy consumption, thus saving millions of dollars. In fact, 30-40% of a wastewater plant's operating budget is taken up by energy costs - 26% of that total is for the mechanical aerating process. WaterOxyChem™ uses no energy as it works by creating dissolved oxygen (DO) through a patented chemical process.

KBWM's founder and CEO, Kerry Jackson, sees tremendous opportunity in working with local municipalities and industry to introduce this product and process. This is what attracted him to Hamilton and The Hamilton Mill - the organization's commitment to innovation and the 'City as a Lab' approach. It is the first product of its kind to produce dissolved oxygen in water through chemical means, as opposed to mechanical. The chemical versus mechanical process will provide tremendous opportunities for cost savings from an energy usage perspective. In addition, it reduces maintenance requirements and increases the life-cycle of pumps and filters throughout the wastewater management system. In food processing it eliminates additional surcharges for bio-chemical demand generation and saves customers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

"It was clear to us that Kerry's product is a natural fit for our 'City as Lab' program. Many times these disruptive products face challenges in gaining market traction because they threaten to change commonly accepted wisdom, approaches, and operations. This is why our 'City as a Lab' program is so important - we connect the disruptors with key decision makers at the municipal and private industry level," says Hamilton Mill Executive Director, Chris Lawson.

Additionally, Mr. Jackson is conducting a pilot test with Synergy Flavors, a 130 year old global flavoring company. The company has a large research and production facility located in Hamilton, and as a pioneer in sustainability initiatives, their partnership in the pilot testing of the product was a natural fit. Greg Bach, General Manager, Synergy Ohio says, "Although most of our customers are outside of Ohio, we welcome an opportunity to partner with The Hamilton Mill and Kerry's startup to support our local community, its efforts to support entrepreneurialism, and to improve the sustainable resources in our local footprint."

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