Hamilton Mill Continues Focus on Water Technologies

​​The Hamilton Mill, Southwestern Ohio’s entrepreneurial hub for advanced manufacturing, cleantech, and supportive technologies welcomes their newest client member – SearenSearen specializes in water treatment solutions using their patented vacuum airlift (VAL) technology. The Searen team of Emmanuel Briquet, John Brooks, and Tom Andrews are moving forward with a unique value proposition. Their state of the art water treatment device can replace aging legacy hardware, drive sustainable operations, decrease operating costs, and eliminate the use of harmful chemicals by consolidating multiple pieces of equipment into one simple treatment solution.

The Searen team recognizes the value of The Mill’s “City as a Lab” approach – an approach that engages the community and leverages the expertise of an award winning utilities department, particularly the water utilities. “We are thrilled to be part of The Hamilton Mill and the surrounding community,” says Emmanuel Briquet, “and we recognize that The Mill has established partnerships and other resources in the cleantech and water industry that will definitely help us get to where we need to be.”  As it stands right now Searen’s biggest need is concept validation and acquiring pilot customers to test out the solution. Searen began its foray into the Greater Cincinnati startup ecosystem by going through the OCEAN Accelerator program in 2015. From there they have been gaining traction both in the United States and Europe with a goal of continuing concept validation through The Mill. Early market verticals for Searen include aquaculture, with the potential to expand into other markets as the solution is further validated over the next 9-12 months.

For The Hamilton Mill, Searen is the latest business to join a program robust in water technology startups. kW River Hydroelectric, WaterOxyChem, and Lagoon Systems are among other businesses that have worked with The Mill over the past couple years. “Searen is another tremendous startup that we are bringing on at The Mill. Their focus on water treatment technologies fits right in with what we are trying to accomplish – developing high growth potential companies into sustainable businesses that leverage the natural assets of our region,” says Operations Director, Antony Seppi.

The evolution of Searen over the past few years shows the tremendous cooperation and collaboration of the Greater Cincinnati entrepreneurial ecosystem and #StartupCincy. Their run through the OCEAN Accelerator, and then their subsequent entry into The Hamilton Mill business incubator illustrates the supporting framework throughout the region, especially when it comes to niche startups and manufacturing technologies.

The Hamilton Mill has demonstrated unparalleled success since its relaunch two years ago. The incubator program refocused on the development of advanced manufacturing, clean-technology, and associated applications. This new focus has resulted in the introduction of 15 new high growth companies into the program. Additionally, there continues to be a strong programmatic focus on small business support through the hosting of Butler County’s only Small Business Development Center (SBDC), whose performance has garnered state-wide recognition and a top-five ranking. 

For more information about The Hamilton Mill visit www.hamiltonmill.org.

For more information about Searen visit www.searen.com.

Source: The Hamilton Mill